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Natural stone fabrication/ installation process outline

To obtain a free estimate for your project, you must provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Home address
  • Email address (if applicable)
  • Measurements of the piece to be fabricated. (Plans of the kitchen, with the countertop area marked; or, a simple drawing of the piece. See example below.)




































  • Type and number of sinks (under-mount, drop-in, farmer, etc.)
  • Type and color of stone to be used
  • Type of an edge

Helpful hints:

Choosing a color: When viewing colors, bring a sample piece of your cabinet material, (ex. door, drawer, or a scrap piece) to match the stone color to. Always ask your fabricator for a sample piece of the stone. Bring it home to place against your cabinets / floor, etc., as stone color may look slightly different when viewed under different lighting (industrial lights vs. the lighting in your home).


C&C will template the area for the exact measurements and layout of the project. If the resulting measurements vary from the ones used in calculating the estimated cost, prices will be adjusted accordingly.
A deposit (50% of the estimated price) is due prior to or at the time of the template appointment.
All appliances (toasters, etc.) and any decorations should be removed from the countertops to allow for quick templating.
Your sinks/ sink templates / cook top templates will be picked up at the time. If they are not available, please have them delivered to us at your soonest convenience, as they are necessary for the completion of the project.

Helpful hints:

Whether you are concerned about: if any and where, seams might be necessary; or the maximum overhang you can have of your island top; or which design will best fit your space - this is the time to ask. Our technicians will address your concerns, and work with you to make sure all your requests are fulfilled.


The fabrication process takes an average of 3-4 business days, from the time final measurements/ templates are completed. To protect surface, all products are always sealed following fabrication.

Helpful hints:

C&C Granite suggests that all customers inspect the slabs of stone to b used for their project, prior to fabrication. Due to the nature of natural stone, all slabs are unique in their exact shade of color, veining and blending. Therefore, a small sample piece might not reflect the exact look of the whole slab.


  • The remaining balance is due upon the time of delivery of the finished product.
  • All existing countertops must be removed prior to the installation of the new ones, unless arrangements have been made to have C&C remove them.

Helpful hints:

Stone care - warm water and gentle soap is suggested for cleaning natural stone surfaces. Harsh chemicals, especially ones containing bleach or ammonia, should never be used. Every 6-12 months the surface should be sealed, using a Natural Stone Sealer (available at most tile stores).

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