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Granite is the most desired natural stone for use in the kitchen, as its durability remains unsurpassed by any other. Marble, travertine, and other stones can also be used for such space, however, they will be less resilient to traffic. Click pictures below to enlarge and start slideshow of the numerous jobs we have completed.

Traditionally, for purposes of interior projects, granite's surface has always been polished. A polished surface has a very smooth feel and a lustrous appearance. Traditional edge profiles look best with a polished surface, although a "chiseled" edge can be fabricated on such as well.

As new trends in interior design develop, many find themselves fond of a more natural look. To achieve a more natural, softer allure, granite's surface can be honed for a duller, lackluster finish. For an ultra-natural look the edging can be "chiseled", rather than profiled with the traditional designs. Such an edge will appear jagged and provide a truly unique appearance.

A new arrival in the granite industry is the Venezian® line of stones, which was developed by B.M.S. Co. of Italy in 2002. A Venezian® stone has a more textured surface than a honed piece. It provides for a worn, antique look- a look which "represents the natural aging of granite". An edge darker than the overall surface color can be achieved (on the darker colors) to accent the piece more and provide and even more worn, antique appearance. The Venezian® line, however, is limited to a few select colors.

Flamed granite, where the surface polish is completely removed, and a rougher surface is exposed, is often used for exterior projects. This type of surface is often used for outside projects, where moisture (rain ) can accumulate, as it allows for better traction against slithering.

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